the Love Catalyst.

I am Veronie Anderson,MPA,  Love Catalyst, and Theta Healing Practitioner.I help women identify and release emotional blocks in order to break the patterns that cause continuous hurt in relationships. These authentic healing methods are created for wholeness of mind, body, heart and soul.  Several years ago, I  had the most soul crushing heartbreak from someone I  loved tremendously.  My lover  decided to choose someone else. I  felt deeply confused, angry, betrayed and everything else a woman feels and thinks after she has given her all to someone she planned to spend the rest of her life with. After deep reflection and self care, I realized that I was not the only woman experiencing this. I decided I wanted to break the cycle of continuous heartbreak in relationships and felt an urge  to do something about it.  

My spirit led her to theta healing and spiritual law; which gave me the most dynamic and authentic healing a woman can ever experience. This new found healing method gave me  a new sense of purpose and power. I  was determined  that  every women  should  experience this nirvana  in order become whole again in mind, body, heart and soul after a break up. As a Theta Practitioner, I use a mind/body technique that harnesses the healing energy that flows though all things to produce changes on cellular levels. This healing energy is activated through a meditation process that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the creator.  Using applied kinesiology, we will tap into your subconscious mind to answer questions about your emotional well-being. Your body doesn’t lie.  It contains the trapped emotions of your past life, so even if you are saying with your mouth that everything is okay…. your body acts as the perfect lie detector and will reveal your truth. 

Have you ever wondered why you keep dating the same kind of men? If  you have ever determined that you will never pursue a relationship with the type of men that don’t honor commitment or keep their promises,  and found yourself – yet again, in an unhealthy connection, it is because your conscious and subconscious mind aren’t in alignment.   If you find yourself in a constant cycle of  saying one thing,  and doing another- Theta healing is the perfect CATALYST for you.  

Together, we will peel away the many layers of your subconscious to get to the core. Then we can identify and clear those internal blocks that have been preventing you from achieving your deepest dreams. Once activated, the powerful Theta stage of your brain causes SHIFTS in your reality instantly. 



I embraced the SHIFTS

You can do it,too!

You are ready to attract love
embrace the SHIFTS with the Love Catalyst!